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싱크홀 스튜디오 GWARP 그워프

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Golf is the first sport that mankind played in space.
It’s a classic sport for mankind,

Wouldn't the golf of the universe give you a little extraordinary experiences?

The goal is to move to the destination by operating the given oxygen for each stage,

One move consumes 10 oxygen!

While moving to your destination, there are monsters and obstacles that interfere with you.

Obstacles induce the ball's OB (Out of Bound), and oxygen is deducted when attacked by a monster.

Stage consisting of four sectors with different themes!

You can earn'stars' according to the amount of oxygen remaining while clearing the stages sequentially!

Each stage is designed with a different concept,

There are various puzzle devices that interact with the ball or induce OB, so you can enjoy a variety of games!

"Challenge Mode"

challenge! Challenge mode

How about playing a cleared stage on a higher difficulty level?

Among the stages that have already been cleared, you can receive a challenge mission in a random place!

"Various kinds of clubs"

싱크홀 스튜디오 GWARP 그워프

Which one to choose? 20 Gwarf Clubs!

Over 20 Gwarf Clubs have different performances!

You can catch monsters by using clubs that each have different skills!

Get parts from the lab and attach them to your club for even more powerful clubs!

"Dr. Cheokcheok, Mr. Panda"

싱크홀 스튜디오 GWARP 그워프

Tada! is the tip of the missionary Panda!

'Space Panda' appears once every hour.

Space Pandas tells us a useful team about play,

They offer gold and offer to buy parts!

싱크홀 스튜디오 GWARP 그워프

"League Champion"

I can be! League Champion!

When you clear three randomly selected maps every 12 hours and the league ends,

The rankings are decided in order of the highest score!

It is divided into five tiers, and you can get promoted if you reach the rankings three times in a row (#1~3)!

The higher the tier, the greater the reward!


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