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싱크홀 스튜디오 Astro Chef 아스트로 쉐프
싱크홀 스튜디오 Astro Chef 아스트로 쉐프 Google Play

The best chef in the universe!

Show your skills!

This is the best restaurant in the universe.
But the manager replaces all of the employees with robots and fires all of them.
Now only the
chief chef'My Kiss' remains,

We try to show the value of hand-made dishes.

You have to be my kiss and serve your guests cooking.
Cut the ingredients by moving the knife yourself, and put it in the pot to complete the dish.
Finish cooking before your guests leave.
The better you follow the recipe, the more money and reputation you will earn.
If you lose all of your reputation due to poor customer satisfaction, you will be fired.

The ending depends on the number of days you worked without being fired and your reputation.
Collect all five endings and join Mykiss's journey


싱크홀 스튜디오 Astro Chef 아스트로 쉐프 Google Play
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